Personalized, not standardized.
LightHouse is for individuals.

Personal vision and creative thinking are the keys to the 21st century.

Guided by an advisor, students at LightHouse develop real-world skills,
pursue their passions, and find their own drive.

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personalized education
Our Approach

Together we envision and map a personalized educational path. Education 2.0.

personalized education

Classes and Tutorials

Build a personalized schedule of classes, individual tutorials, and independent projects.

personalized education
Our Values

The ideology behind our work.  Bringing the North Star model to Hampden County.

personalized education

Admission and Tuition

LightHouse is a nonprofit charging tuition, committed to diversity and access.

personalized education


A balance between structure and choice. Follow one of our paths, or make your own.

personalized education


LightHouse offers an entirely different approach to learning and to education.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.”

-George Bernhard Shaw

Get in Touch!

Ask a question, schedule a meeting,
or let us know that you’d like to come by
and see personalized education in action.


personalized education

LightHouse is part of a growing movement for change in education.

This TED talk by Charles Leadbeater is 18 minutes long and inspirational from start to finish.  The talk is in English, with Spanish subtitles.  His is one of the many, many voices calling for innovation in education.  LightHouse is ahead of the curve.

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“We believe that people with passion
can change the world for the better.”

-Steve Jobs