First Graduation Press Release

By // May 31, 2017

As the entire education establishment in Holyoke is working feverishly to improve their graduation rate, LightHouse Holyoke is playing an important role, holding their first graduation on Friday, June 9. LightHouse Holyoke is a personalized middle and high school alternative just finishing their second year in downtown Holyoke. “It’s been incredibly satisfying to join the community here in Holyoke and … Read More

Which skills are going to be on the test?

By // April 5, 2017

The following is a repost of a piece by Seth Godin. “23 things artificially intelligent computers can do better/faster/cheaper than you can.” This is worth reading and considering, and hopefully the point is clear. Is a standard school curriculum preparing students for the future? At LightHouse we believe that the most important skills for students to develop are: learning how … Read More

Imagine Loving Learning

By // March 29, 2017

From a LightHouse Parent: “Imagine a teenager who loves school, thinks there are too many vacation days in an academic year, and believes summers are too long… That’s our daughter, Alice. She became a LightHouse student last year, at age 13. She’s always loved learning and spent her earlier years at home with her dad and younger brother. When she … Read More

Who We Serve, and How

By // December 30, 2016

Students choose LightHouse for a variety of reasons. But there’s always a reason. LightHouse is not the default choice- we are not free, public school. We are an alternate choice because something about the traditional option available to our students is not working for them. These reasons vary considerably. Some of our students were simply bored and disengaged. Some were … Read More


mindfulness class at lighthouse

By // November 20, 2016

I’m leading a Mindfulness class this block, though certainly I’m no Zen master. I say leading rather than “teaching,” because in truth I’m taking the course along with the students. I’m more of a curator/facilitator than teacher. Luckily, the world and the internet are full of resources for learning mindful practices. I am getting so much out of this experience, … Read More

This is our story

parent story

By // April 29, 2016

As part of the LightHouse Holyoke family, this is our story. Last September Faith and I found ourselves at a stand still. We had no school that she could attend and actually stay in. So we searched around and through a good friend we heard of LightHouse. Excited, we scheduled a meeting with Nelson Roman and Josiah Litant. To our … Read More

My Son’s Future

parent testimonial

By // April 20, 2016

My son has been attending lighthouse for almost a whole school year and I just want to say that my worries were over when my son became a student. Being in a regular school setting was extremely hard for my child. His grades were suffering. His anxiety levels were always high. He was sick all the time. I was afraid … Read More

I’m on it.

By // April 13, 2016

My name is Alexis Diaz de Jesus. My story begins in South Holyoke where I’ve realized what’s helpful, and what’s not; who sticks around, and who goes. My biggest lesson so far: The street shows no love. Before coming to LightHouse I was sometimes inappropriate and ignorant. Often I did not respect my elders. But when I came to LightHouse, … Read More

Parent Story

By // April 8, 2016

From a parent: “As soon as I walk into Lighthouse with my daughter, I see her demeanor change.  She seems happier, at ease, lighter, engaged with her world.  The space is beautiful, but it is even more beautiful to see what happens to my daughter when she enters it. Instead of dreading her classes like at her old school, she … Read More

Art Show! Friday, April 15

By // April 5, 2016

LightHouse has attracted an impressive number of artists. More than half of the students in our program spend substantial time creating visual art pieces of all kinds, and take part in the many art classes we’ve been offering this year. On Friday, April 15 they will be showing their work at an opening reception, 4:00-7:00 pm in the lobby of … Read More