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classes at lighthouse

LightHouse offers a variety of engaging classes.  Each class meets twice per week, Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, for 90 minutes.  Students register in advance for 8-week blocks, and keep a digital portfolio of their work.

On Fridays we have a day of community service learning on projects envisioned and designed by the students.

Most classes are related to one or more Pathways: Entrepreneurship, Tech, Arts, or College Prep.  Learn more about Pathways HERE.

LightHouse is using a model founded in 1996.  We have hundreds of alumni who have used this approach and then moved on to competitive colleges and inspiring futures.  LightHouse has a team of college admissions counselors from most of the nearby colleges in Western Mass and beyond advising our College Prep Pathway and supporting our students who plan to move on to college to prepare compelling and competitive applications.

LightHouse students work closely with an advisor to determine their own ideal schedule.  LightHouse teens build a schedule with a combination of group classes, individual tutorials, and independent study, based on interest and Pathway focus.  Students may choose to participate in dual enrollment with either STCC or HCC, take on an internship, volunteer work, or paid work as part of their learning experience.

LightHouse offers personalized education.  We work with each student as an individual, building on strengths to create a meaningful and positive experience while also preparing for each student’s next steps. LightHouse students stand out.  They gain real-world, 21st century skills that launch them into lives driven by inspiration and vision.

Rather than focusing on what is required, LightHouse supports students to expand their vision and consider what is possible.

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One-on-one tutorials are available in core academic subjects and in less common subjects when possible. Each student may prefer to study any given topic with a tutor rather than a class, or in addition to a group class.

Tutorials are entirely individualized and move at the student’s chosen pace. Tutorials are often supported by volunteers and college students, in addition to core LightHouse staff.

LightHouse will offer classes and individual tutorials, as well as support for independent study.


classes at lighthouse

Independent Study

Each student is encouraged to pursue additional topics through independent study. Advisors are available to discuss which topics a teen is interested in pursuing and to help identify resources and create a schedule.

Independent Study is part of each LightHouse teen’s individualized and unique schedule, as well as group classes and individual tutorials. Teens may also choose to include classes external to LightHouse, perhaps at Holyoke Community College or Springfield Technical Community College, and/or internships, volunteer work, or paid work.

Learning at LightHouse is meaningful, personalized, self-paced, and enjoyable. Students track their work in a personal digital portfolio, and evaluate their own progress in with feedback from an advisor, teachers, and other connected adults.

LightHouse supports teens to create an engaging and challenging schedule, and collaboratively prepare a transcript to be shared with any future institutions.

The whole world is available as your campus. Your syllabus is your life.


LightHouse will open on Tuesday, September 8 and follow a similar schedule to other local schools through early June of 2016.

Click to see our full calendar:

Tuesday, September 8: Opening Day

September 8-11 Orientation, Workshops, Activities

Monday, September 14, Block One begins and continues for seven weeks, through October 30.

Monday, October 12, closed for Columbus Day

Monday, November 2, Block Two begins and continues for seven weeks, through December 18

Wednesday, November 11, closed for Veteran’s Day

Wednesday/Thursday.Friday November 26-28, closed for Thanksgiving

Monday, December 21 through Friday, January 1, Closed for Winter Break.

Monday, January 4, Block Three begins and continues for eight weeks, through March 4

Monday January 18, closed for Martin Luther King Day

Monday, Feb 15 through Friday, February 19, closed for February Break

Monday, March 7, Block Four begins and continues for eight weeks, through May 6

Monday, April 18 through Friday, April 22, closed for April Break

Monday, May 9, Block Five begins and continues for three weeks, through May 27

Monday, May 30, Closed for Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 31 through Friday, June 3- Presentations Week

Friday, June 3, Last day of programming.

Monday, June 6 through Friday, June 10, Individual end of year meetings with teens and families.


“The illiterate of the 21st century
will not be those who cannot read and write,
but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

~Alvin Toffler