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Program Director

LightHouse Holyoke is an innovative educational program for teens choosing to pursue a personalized approach to their education. Guided by an advisor, LightHouse teens develop their own goals and learn at their own pace in a supportive, bilingual community. Teens have the opportunity to pursue learning through classes, individual tutorials, independent studies, volunteer work in the community, and through their own natural exploration and inquiry.

The Program Director is part of a team that is responsible for leading LightHouse Holyoke. Under the guidance of, and in partnership with, the Board of Directors, the Program Director shares executive leadership duties. The Program Director is responsible for:

    • Schedule Classes/Manage Calendar: Responsible for selecting and scheduling all the classes for each block and setting up online registration process. Goal is to identify and respond to the needs and interests of the community of students while also offering a balanced and inspiring set of classes. Each block should have classes representing most if not all of the Pathways and include offsite classes utilizing some of the many resources in our downtown community.
    • Family Communications: Use the platforms Mailchimp and Remind to send emails and other communications weekly and more often as necessary to share news about day-to-day happenings, upcoming events, and other relevant information.
    • Recruit/Hire/Train/Supervise Teachers, Volunteers and Other Staff: Create a vibrant and diverse educational atmosphere by recruiting and training a variety of skill-sets. Work with LightHouse staff and Executive Director to create and implement curriculum that aligns with LightHouse education objectives and effective support of articulated learning objectives as determined through individualized learning goals.
    • Teaching and advising: Teach one or more classes per block and offer one or more individual tutorials in areas of expertise and interest. Facilitate connecting other staff and students for individual tutorials as needed. Serve as advisor for approximately 10 students, meeting minimally once a week with each advisee, collaboratively maintaining their portfolio, and writing their annual homeschooling plans and end-of-year homeschooling reports for their city superintendents.
    • Assessment: Work with Executive Director to develop/identify student outcome and learning process measures that support differentiated student instruction and assessment based on students’ goals and selected learning pathways. The goal is to support a range of student learning goals through differentiated assessment. These assessments provide outcome measures for reporting purposes and will inform the development and refinement of instructional practices and professional development.

Work with Executive Director to identify and/or establish formative assessment practices, indicators, measures and tools to support continuous LightHouse program quality improvement and refinement of innovative school practices. Indicators will focus on programming quality, students’ learning experience and achievement, parent and partner feedback and staff engagement and professional practice.

Contribute structures and strategies that will foster a LightHouse learning community to insure and sustain the core components of LightHouse learning culture [relationship building, empathy, innovation, reflection, aligned with research-based pedagogical and professional practices and effective community partnerships] that lead to intentional student learning outcomes.

  • Community Relations: With Executive Director, build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders in government, business, and the local community. This includes planning and facilitating LightHouse events for the local community, as well as attending relevant local events and agency meetings.
  • Board of Directors: With Executive Director, serve as liaison between the Board of Directors and the rest of LightHouse. Attend quarterly Board meetings and Executive Committee meetings. Serve as staff representative to one or more committees. Support the planning of the annual Board retreat.
  • Strategic Planning: With Executive Director and in consultation with the Board of Directors, maintain efforts to enhance and ensure strategic planning for the future of LightHouse Holyoke.
  • General management: With Executive Director, manage day-to-day operations of LightHouse, including meeting with current students and families, managing conflict and facilitating restorative circles, and facilitating the smooth daily operation of the center.

The Program Director, above all else, must have a demonstrated passion for working with young people, a commitment to transformative, accessible education, and an ability to be forward-thinking. The ideal candidate will meet many of the following criteria:

  • Experienced teacher/educator, and professional work background in education/working with young people
  • Experience and expertise with the core areas required within this job description
  • Skilled and willing public speaker, able to advocate and speak on behalf of the organization
  • Experience collaborating with a Board of Directors and its committees
  • Knowledgeable and experienced with models and philosophies of non-traditional education
  • Skill or expertise in relevant instructional areas
  • Sense of humor, desire to have fun, laugh, and enjoy the work
  • A desire and demonstrated ability to lead and be part of a team that strives to make decisions collaboratively and to work together cooperatively and supportively
  • Fluency in Spanish and English
  • Familiarity with Holyoke and its surrounding communities
  • Demonstrated commitment to creating inclusive environments, as well as to understanding and addressing issues of social (in)justice
  • Commitment to the belief that teens in and around Holyoke deserve a positive and affirming educational experience, and that authentic self-directed learning can be a pathway for fostering confidence, passion, and ultimately success in young people

This position is full time, year round, with flexible hours during the summer vacation period. Occasional evening and weekend work is required. We are proud to provide a paid sick time/personal leave time benefit, and paid vacation time during set vacations in December, February, and April.

LightHouse Holyoke is an equal opportunity employer, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, religion, national origin, disability, or any other protected category.

Applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and list of three references to us at contact@lighthouseholyoke.org. Applications received prior to May 4 will be given priority consideration.

Teaching Positions

Courses at LightHouse are taught in 8-week blocks.  Classes meet twice per week for 90 minutes, Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  Class times are 9:00-10:25, 10:30-12:00, and 1:00-2:30.

Some courses are taught by core staff directors, some by volunteers and college work-study students, and some by paid teachers.

Most classes are relevant to one or more of our Pathways: Entrepreneurship, Creative Arts, Tech, and College Prep.

If you would like to offer a course, we accept proposals on a rolling basis.

Offer a course


LightHouse would like to provide lunch to all students four days per week.  Our ideal vision is that lunch prep be a class for 5 or 6 students to work with a local chef to prepare a meal that we will then all eat together.

Preparation will happen between 10:30 and noon, and we will eat together and clean up between noon and 1:00.

We are in the conversation with local chefs and kitchens to develop this possibility, and looking for more.

If you are interested in being part of providing fresh, healthy meals to our community, either as a cook, teacher, or visionary, please be in touch: contact@lighthouseholyoke.org

Community Partners

LightHouse will spend Fridays off-site engaging in community work, service learning, and other enrichment activities.

Our goal is to partner with one organization per block or per year in order to give us time to build a meaningful relationship and to offer useful assistance.  LightHouse teens and staff will work on projects that are of use to our partner organization, and learn about the important work that the organization is doing.

If you are interested in becoming a community partner or in being part of the vision team for this aspect of the program, please be in touch: contact@lighthouseholyoke.org

Thanks for your interest!  Please join our monthly newsletter list to stay up to date with LightHouse developments:

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“Everyone has been made
for some particular work,
and the desire for that work
has been put in every heart.”